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lördag 9 november 2013

mapping contemporary craft theori 2013


I am participating at HDK this weekend and trying to figur how to map my own work into the contemporary art and craftsceen.
I do what I do. But still it is going on right here right now.
Jorun Veiterberg was mentioning the strenght and energi in movements like diy and craftiism. Somehow it relates to professonal craftspersons but still it is somethingelse , important and not least, it says something of our time now.

The Material has always been our mainissue, and Mårten Medbo had in the early nineties discovered that it then no longer was. The artist seemed, according to him abandone the clay for other materials.
I felt in away strucked. Nowadays it can be that the material is coming back again. At least just looking into my own work I discover a more love to my inharit and the history and a ceramik process. I dont know if its relevant. Bur Mapping the own practise is in a way a matter of reflextion connecting, formulate thoughts and perhaps be able to put it all in connecting to the outside world. Society, economy, everyday life etc.

To create something with craftmanship and knowledge of the materal and Todays recognizable touch of communication.

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